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Rushing to get those senior photos done before it’s too late?  There is no doubt about it- we’re down to crunch time.  Every week that passes is a week closer to graduation.

The Woodlands TX Senior Photos | Why are senior photos important?

To put it simply, life will never be the same.  Of course, graduating high school is the main celebration.  But, as your senior completes their final school year, they are experiencing all sorts of major life moments.  It’s the last time they will regularly see all of the friends they have grown up with.  For many, it’s the last time they will live under their parents’ roof.  The senior of today will be a fundamentally different person in a few months.

As an adult, I absolutely cherish the senior photos I was lucky to have had taken.  Looking at them today reminds me of all the fun times I had before really having to “grow up.”  And, hey, it doesn’t hurt to have professional proof that I was once young and fun!

Of course, it takes a little more to impress today’s seniors.  That’s why Amber at ALB Photography takes special consideration when tailoring each senior’s photo session.  Your photos will not only capture the true spirit of your senior, the resulting photos will be works of art that your family will proudly display for years to come.

ALB Photography by Amber has only a limited number of remaining senior photo sessions available for the 2015 graduating class.  Book now to ensure your photos are available before graduation.  Book your 2015 senior photo session at the following link: The Woodlands TX Senior Photos

Senior photo sessions for the 2016 graduating class begin soon.  Booking is available now at the following link:  The Woodlands TX Senior Photos Book Your Session

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Capturing Senior Photography in The Woodlands TX



Have questions?  Contact me at ALB Photography by Amber at the following link:  The Woodlands TX Senior Photos Questions

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