Child Photographer The Woodlands TX

What can I say?  I just love photographing children!

As a professional child photographer, I get to embrace the unpredictability of kids.  I love the happy faces, sad faces, and excited faces.  You know what else I love- the moms and dads standing behind me acting crazy and making silly faces.  A child photography session is an all-around joyful experience and something that you just don’t forget.

As a parent of two children, I have found that photographing our own little ones can be extremely difficult.   I didn’t get a good picture of my second child for the first year and a half of her life.  This is exactly the reason you need to hire a professional.

As a pro, I know the secrets to getting the best out of your child.  Those secrets might or might not include candy (heehee, just kidding, unless you are okay with it) among other things.  I love making your child laugh and smile as much as they can.  Our sessions are very natural and very loving.

If you are interested in learning more about a child photography session, please contact me, Amber at ALB Photography, and we can go over options.

Please enjoy some of my favorite images from The Woodlands TX Child Photographer Children’s gallery.

Cake Smash Spring TexaspinimageChild Professional photographer The Woodlands Texaspinimageprofessional photographerpinimagephotographer spring texaspinimageProfessional photographer spring texas pinimageWoodlands Texas professional photographerpinimage

The-Woodlands-Child-Photographer8pinimageThe-Woodlands-ChildPhotographer6pinimageThe-Woodlands-ChildPhotographer0pinimageThe-Woodlands-ChildPhotographer7 (1)pinimageThe-Woodlands-ChildPhotographer5pinimageThe-Woodlands-ChildPhotographer9pinimageThe-Woodlands-ChildPhotographer9pinimageThe-Woodlands-ChildPhotographer8pinimageThe-Woodlands-ChildPhotographer3pinimageThe-Woodlands-ChildPhotographer7pinimageThe-Woodlands-ChildPhotographer4pinimageThe-Woodlands-ChildPhotographer2pinimageThe-Woodlands-ChildPhotographer1pinimage


Child Photographer The Woodlands TX

Child Photographer Spring TXpinimage

Child Photography Spring TX

The Woodlands Children Photographerpinimage

Children photographer The Woodlands TX

Child Photography The Woodlands TXpinimage

Kid Photographer The Woodlands TX

The Woodlands TX Baby photographerpinimage

Baby Photographer The Woodlands TX

Child Photographer The Woodlands TX ALB Photography by Amberpinimage

Children Photos The Woodlands TX



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