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Did you ever have a dream so powerful that when you woke, you just HAD to do everything in your power to make it a reality?

We will often hear stories from artists who feel they were compelled to create something.  The idea comes to mind and it simply must be.  That is essentially the story of Amber, the photographer and Ann, the dancer.


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When Amber envisioned the session featured here, she sent out a model call for a dancer.  She wanted the real deal.  Someone with authentic delicate hand and foot movement and that beautiful positioning that only comes with years of training.  Ann was the perfect fit!

A bit about Ann:
An Austin native, Ann loves all kinds of dancing, dogs, and her friends.  The stylish one among her friends, Ann is also half of a set of fraternal twins!  At this session, she is seven and a half months along with baby-to-be Landon with husband, Jonathon.  Friend Wendy says “Anna Girl” has a laugh that can light up any room!


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ALB Photography specializes in maternity photography.  As you can see from this session, and other maternity sessions in the ALB Photography maternity gallery, Amber offers a wide range of styles and settings.  The sessions are completely customized to complement the particular client.  Amber listens to the wants, wishes, and dreams for your perfect session and brings them to reality.  If you have a special idea that you would like to discuss with Amber, connect with her at the following:  Maternity Photographer The Woodlands TX Contact


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ALB Photography by Amber | Maternity Photography Houston | Dream Dancer
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