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I am the owner of ALB Photography and a portrait photographer specializing in maternity, children, high school seniors, and family portraits for Spring, Conroe, and The Woodlands TX.  I am extremely proud to say that my art has been published in Vogue Italia, Mozi Magazine, and Inspire- Digital or Not Fine Art Photography Magazine.  My work is featured on Snap Maven, Evoking You, and Light Inspired.  I am honored to be an Evoking You preferred photographer in Texas. (more below)

Amber Bullock

Spring, TX 77386

Phone: 832-428-8432

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As you can see, I am a wife to Tony and mom to Ava and Audree.  My husband and I have been together for eleven years now, married almost seven.  Our two little girls are amazing and couldn’t be more opposite!!  When we make corn dogs for dinner, one literally eats the weenie and the other eats the bread.  I could go on and on about them, much like all moms.  You will find that I am extremely laid back and super easy to work with.  I am flexible and can have fun doing just about anything.

I first picked up the camera when my oldest was about one year old.  However, I didn’t truly understand everything that went into photography until I had my second baby girl.  She was the worst baby.  Seriously.  She would sleep from 7pm-midnight, then, cry the rest of the night.  So, what did I do with the extra time on my hands?  I studied photography!  That’s what I did for seven months straight until she started sleeping through the night.  After that, I would pick up the camera at least twice a week and practice on my girls.  I honestly did not get a good sibling picture until Audree was at least one and a half years old.  As you all know, taking pictures of your own kids is not always easy.

I find it extremely important to have a family portrait done once a year or for a special occasion.  Just watching my babies grow, now five and two and a half, I am so thankful to have all of these photos to look back on.  I print most of my pictures and store them for the girls to see when they are older.  In my house, I have a large home gallery with one large 32×48 inch family portrait canvas, surrounded by four 12 x 16 inch family canvases.  They hang smack in the middle of my living room.  That way, my girls, and anyone else that enters my home sees immediately what is most important in our family.  Studies have shown, having photos of your children in your home gives them a since of importance and confidence.  I believe that these images of your children, family, and self are among the most important of possessions.

If you are ready to have an heirloom quality family, maternity, or child portrait made, please contact me at the following link:  Contact ALB Child and Maternity Photographer The Woodlands TX


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